Reasons to Donate a Car to Charity

Why not donate your used automobile or truck to charity?

In addition to helping make the world a better place, there are many practical reasons why making a donation makes sense. You may have recently bought a new car, and were offered a low amount on your trade-in. Or perhaps you don’t have the time or want the trouble of finding a buyer and would rather donate your automobile than try to sell it yourself.

Other reasons to consider Car Donation Charities…

Other reasons to donate a car might be that perhaps the car isnt running well and the repair cost is more than you are prepared to spend. Or you might be looking for tax deductions to reduce the amount of money you pay to the IRS. It could be that the car is not running and you are having to pay insurance, parking fees and other costs. Donation of the car could be a way to solve these types of problems and help someone less fortunate then yourself at the same time.

Some people even donate a car because it was stolen then found, but it just isn’t the same any more. Or maybe they have too many cars and need to get rid of a car or two. Or maybe you inherited a car when grandma passed away. There are as many different reasons as there are people for making such a donation. All of them are good, and result in financial assistance for people in need. You can even donate your luxury car. On top of that, you still can get a tax deduction. Be sure to check the latest IRS rules with your tax preparer to ensure you get the proper deduction. Most charities and non-profit organizations will accept luxury car donations as well, so dont think that Cadillac isnt worthy!

Whatever your reasons, your Car Donation can benefit you because it can be tax deductible, and will help someone in need. Both are great reasons to donate your car to charity.

Beware of car donation scams. Check out the charity to make sure that it is legitimate. You can call the Better Business Bureau or the IRS to see if the charity is on file with them.

Quick Car Donation Questions

How Long Does the Car Donation Process Take?
Answer: Usually, the same day you donate your car a pickup request is sent to a local transport company. They will contact you within a couple of days. If you provide the car donation organization with an email address they will send you the contact info of the transport company so that you can call them directly to expedite pickup of your donated car.

Can i donate other things such as Garden equipment, motorcycles, snowmobiles as well?
Answer: Different organizations will accept different donations.  Generally you can find a charity that accepts donations (tax deductible) for almost anything of value. What this mean is that you should have no problem finding an organization that happily accepts your motorcycle or snowmobile.  Garden equipment is a little more complex.  You will find it hard to find charities that want low value items such as an old lawnmower but most will happily accept more upmarket equipment such as Husqvarna Robotic lawnmowers and different types of ride on mowers.

Can I donate a car if the title is not in my name?
Answer: Most car donation programs can accept a car donations as long as the registered owner signs the transfer document and a title. The tax receipt provided by the car donation organization on behalf of the charity will show the name of the registered owner as the person making the car donation. If the owner on the registration is different from the person donating the car we suggest checking with your tax professional to see who is eligable to receive the benefit from the car donation.

What is the percentage of the proceeds from the car donation actually make it to the charity?
Answer: In most cases when you donate a car through a 3rd party about 50% of the net proceeds of your car donation actually make it to the charity. If you donate your car directly to the charity they get 100%.