Charity Car Donation – Donate your Car to Charity is here to help you learn about Charity Car Donations and how they help thousands of needy people every day.

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Benefit a charity when you donate your used car, truck or other vehicle while gaining a valuable tax deduction for yourself. You also did something to help someone today. Thats something to feel good about!

Donate your Car, Truck or Boat to Charity – It’s Easy!

Donating a vehicle is an easy way to get rid of a car, or other vehicle such as your boat. While not every vehicle is easily sold, donating to a charity lets you deduct its value from your income tax. Why sell that car for a few hundred dollars when you can gain just as much or maybe even more from donating it to charity and not have to go through the bother of showing the vehicle to people, hoping they buy it.

Charities provide such important services as granting money for cancer research or for funding the investigation and location of missing children. This is only because of the generosity of their contributors. Donations of automobiles and other vehicles has become a popular way for Americans to show their generosity and assist in the programs undertaken by charities.

People donate a vehicle for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to donate as a way to help improve the lives of those less fortunate then you, or because of the convenience and tax savings to yourself, your donation is a great decision that will help others.

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How about a Tax Deduction to boot!

If you donate your car or other vehicle, you can not only help a worthy cause but you also can take advantage of tax regulations designed to reward such generosity. Yes, this is totally legal and moral. Helping others through charitable donations is one of the greatest things you can do as an American. The IRS has set up rules and regulations so taxpayers can deduct the value of their donation to legitimate charities.